Wine qualities

Tafelwein: At least 10.6 degrees KMW.*)
Landwein: At least 14 degrees KMW. Classified as Tafelwein. The wine-growing region must be indicated as the origin.

Qualitätswein: At least 15 degrees KMW; origin: wine-growing region. Sugar must be added to the grapes (during the fermentation process) up to 19 KMW for white wines and 20 KMW for red wines.

Kabinett(wein): At least 17 degrees KMW; Origin: wine-growing region. Classified as Qualitatswein, but no sugar may be added to the grapes. Alcoholic strength max. 13% vol.; residual sugar max. 9 g/l.

Pradikätsweine (Spätlese, Auslese, Beerenauslese, Trockenbeerenauslese) should not have sugar added. Origin: wine-growing region. The addition of grape sherry for sweetening (a method used in Germany) is not allowed by Austrian law. The Spätlese wines can be sold after 1 March and the other Prädikat wines after 1 May.

After Auslese, the grape material must contain an increasing proportion of overripe grapes, noble rotten or dried strawberry fruit.

Spätlese: At least 19 KMW.
Auslese: At least 21 KMW.
Beerenauslese(VA): At least 25 KMW.
Eiswein: At least 25 KMW; The bunches are frozen on the vine before being picked (thus concentrating the sherry in the grapes, while the ice and frozen skins remain in the press).
Strohwein: At least 25 KMW; produced from strawberries that have been air-dried for at least three months on straw or reed mats.
Ausbruch: At least 27 KMW.
Trockenbeerenauslese (TBA): At least 30 KMW.

Trocken (Dry): up to 9 g RZ/l if there is no more than 2 g/l difference between sugar and acidity. For example: a wine with a residual sugar of 8 g/l must have at least 6 g/l acidity to be classified as dry.
Halbtrocken (Semi-dry): up to 12 g RZ/l.
Lieblich (Semi-sweet): up to 45 g RZ/l.
Süβ (Sweet): over 45 g RZ/l.


Öchsle KMW Beaume Öchsle KMW Beaume
73 15,0 9,8 105 21,0 13,7
84 17,1 11,2 127 25,0 16,3
94 19,0 12,4


Bergwein is a wine produced in vineyards with a slope of more than 26%, or in terraced vineyards.

Reserve: aging for at least 12 months for red wines and four months for white wines.

The producers’ association “Vinea Wachau” has created special categories for dry wines from Wachau. The addition of sugar is not allowed if the following categories are used:

Steinfeder: light wine with up to 11% alcohol.
Federspiel: at least 17 KMW, alcohol up to 12,5% vol.
Emerald: over 18.2 KMW.

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